A Space for Your WordPress Tasks

Each WordPress site that you have gets its own workspace. You can do everything there. Adjust configuration on the backend, preview the frontend, quickly add/edit content, use customizer or your favorite page builder. You have all your tasks in front of you, organized in one place...

The workspace gives you a dedicated space for all the tasks of working on a website.

The window system gives you complete flexibility. Use it like wp-admin or open new windows whenever you need. You can open any page in a window: frontend, admin page, page builder, customizer.

Navigate faster

...and you can complete them much faster with powerful navigation. You have a powerful window system where you can open any page from a website in a window. You can navigate it just like wp-admin, but you can also open a new window whenever you want. Keep all the pages you need at hand and quickly switch between them without cluttering your browser tab bar.

All of your WordPress in one place

Each WordPress site has its own workspace and you can easily switch between them. That way, you can have all of your WordPress stuff organized in just one browser tab...

You can have all your projects - past and present in WP-OS. Switch between from the sites page, or pin them to sidebar for quick access.

You can use WP-OS as a web application in a browser or you can install it as a desktop app. The sidebar and menu can always be hidden to give you maxmium space for design.

Beautiful Desktop App

...or you can go even further and install the desktop app. Which by the way gives you maximum vertical space for design.

Even faster with keyboard shortcuts

When it comes to speed you can always use an additional hand. Keyboard shortcuts allow you to switch between all opened pages and projects without even moving your mouse. There is also a search feature that lets you find anything on a website and edit it quickly. 

You can quickly switch/alternate between opened windows using Ctrl/Cmd + S key combination. 

WP-OS supports most of WordPress plugins out of the box. You can be certain that you can use your favorite page builder in WP-OS, as well as use and configure most of other WordPress plugins. 

Compatible with Page Builders and Other Plugins

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